IAC Summer Camp Workshops


What do we provide?


  • IAC provides dance and fitness entertainment and activities for kids aged 3-15 years. Our services are great for girl scout troops, summer camp programs, after-school programs, library programs, and church groups! All classes include freeze dance, movement warm-ups, skill tutorials, dance games and short choreography. All classes can be geared toward your camp theme and we can do most dance styles including world dances, as well as fitness classes!


How long & where are the classes?


  • We recommend 30-40 minute sessions with groups of kids in these age groups: Early Childhood (3-6 yrs), Early Elementary (7-9 yrs), Tweens (10-12 yrs), Teens (13-15 yrs). I recommend holding these sessions outdoors in groups of 10-20 kids per group, which helps keep things from getting too crazy! I also ask the counselors to participate and help out during the sessions. 


What will we need from you? 


  • If you are looking for a certain theme, style of dance or fitness class, etc., please let me know! I will not bring props for safety reasons, but for an added fee I can bring supplies to make props or provide directions to make props that we can use during the class. I will provide my own music. 


Prices are as follows: 


  • $120/hour

  • Additional $10/per kid for dance craft (maracas, ribbon dancers, tambourines, etc.)

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