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Dancer Accomplishments


-MPD Ballet/Tap A are very well behaved and a joy to have in class. Ms. Lora is so proud of the growth of these dancers. They have all improved so much in their skills and overall confidence.

-PDLG Hip Hop/Jazz B is group of dancers that are true friends. They are all kind and encouraging to each other. They all work so hard and love a challenge.  

-WEGO Ballet/Tap B is a lively bunch that keeps Ms. Lora on her toes in the best way possible! They are curious and very thoughtful. They have the best energy and are always excited to learn.


So proud of these dancers! Keep up the GREAT work! 💜😍

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Meara has been dancing with us for many years! She started her dancing career in DiscoverDance at Park District of La Grange. Luckily her new home isn't far from West Chicago so she was able to continue taking classes with us. Meara radiates positivity and kindness. She is silly and makes everyone giggle. She is also focused when she needs to be and pays very close attention to detail. She is a beautiful dancer. We are so lucky we get to dancer with her every week! Keep up the great work!

Gemma is a new dancer as of this past fall season. She jumped right into new, advanced techniques, is self-motivated to practice on her own time, and worked very hard to overcome challenges and new skills. Gemma is super creative when crafting her own choreography always has a positive energy & attitude during class! She is a great team player and friendly to everyone. We can't wait to have her back in class next session. Great job, Gemma!

2021-2022 Dancers of the Month:

2021-2022 Class of the Quarters:

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