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Dancer Accomplishments

This class is one that I look forward to every week. These dancers are hard working, smart, compassionate and hilarious! They are always supporting each other and raising each other up. They are eager to learn new things and challenge themselves. They have already grown so much as dancers and people. I cannot wait to see them on stage in June and celebrate their hard work. - Ms. Lora

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Ethan is very energetic in class and always puts a smile on everyone's face with his goofy, friendly personality! He is great at retaining new choreography. Ethan is super supportive of his classmates and has a huge heart! He cares about his classmates and helps to make sure they are enjoying themselves in class. Keep up the great work!

Riley is an excellent student and dancer! This is her first year dancing with us. She has jumped right in challenging her self with new skills and challenges. She is a respectful student who always has her listening ears on and is very helpful to her teacher. She is kind to her fellow classmates too. She takes critiques well and is always working to improve. We cannot wait to see her dance at the spring production!

2022-2023 Class Highlights:

2022-2023 Dancers of the Month:

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