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Dancer Accomplishments

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Evelyn started in our Discover Dance Tots class and leveled up last year into the Ballet/Tap A class. Evelyn was very shy when she first started dance class, but has really come out of her shell this past session. She is a great listener, very good with identifying skills, wonderful with choreography memorization and wonderfully creative. We love to see her silly personality coming out in class this year too.  Keep up the great work!

Amiyah is new to IAC this session. She is a great role model for her class. She is a great listener and follows directions. She is eager to learn each week and always has a positive attitude. She exudes self-confidence, is friendly to her classmates, and is a fun spirit to be around! Great job, Amiyah!

2022-2023 Class Highlights:

2022-2023 Dancers of the Month:

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