Dress Code

Hair must be secure off the face. No jewelry, jeans, street shoes or clothing with inappropriate language or pictures are allowed in any class.


  • Ballet ​- Leotard with tights or form fitting clothing, ballet skirt optional. Color matching ballet shoes.

  • Hip-Hop​– Leotard and tights or form fitting clothing. Black sneakers.


  • Jazz​– Leotard and tights or form fitting clothing. Coloring matching jazz shoes.


  • Tap​– Leotard and tights or form fitting clothing. Black tap shoes.


  • Discover Dance Classes ​- Any dance outfit that is comfortable for movement without causing distraction or harm to the child. Ballet shoes or bare feet. NO SOCKS! Guardians please wear comfortable clothing as well. No street shoes please.

*All dancers enrolled in studio classes will be required to wear a mask for all or part of class. It is recommended that you keep your mask on a lanyard or clip during class.

All dance shoes should only be worn inside. No outside shoes allowed in the dance studio.

* Shoes & apparel can be purchased on​ ​Nimbly or through the IAC Dance Resale.

We suggest a $5 donation for all gently used shoes and attire from our resale. Cash only.

Email Ms. Lora with resale requests.