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Dancer Handbook



Our Philosophy

Innovation Arts Connection, LLC partners with local park districts and community centers to provide progressive, community-based dance programs with a studio feel.  We provide dance instruction to students of all ages, levels, and abilities. Our unique curriculum focuses on core techniques and concepts needed to build a strong artist, and stresses the importance of positive attitude, diversity, leadership and hard work.  Our educators have an extensive background in dance and education. Our curriculum is consistent at each location, but our schedule and events are designed to serve each individual community.  


In our classes, students will develop grace, rhythm, coordination, creativity, and confidence. Innovation Arts Connection provides a fun, safe, inclusive and structured environment and is designed to equip each student with the proper attitude and experience to excel in their future endeavors in the arts, school, and life.   We focus on meeting the needs of the communities we serve by structuring our programs to honor family values, philanthropy and acceptance.  In our community, all are welcome!  We work to make sure all of our dancers and their families feel like they are part of a second home.

We look forward to seeing you in class!


Studio Rules


Respect your teacher. Respect your peers. Respect yourself.


Be on time & ready for class.


Bring water to class. No gum or food. 


Wear appropriate attire to class...Dress like a dancer!


Stay in the studio at all times.


Clean up after yourself and keep the studio clean.


Cell phones off and out of sight at all times! 




Guardian Information

Dancer Intake Form & Participation Waivers

Please complete the Dancer Intake Form and sign our Participation Waiver before your first class.  Please follow the links below to complete these forms.


Please make your best effort to arrive 5-10 minutes early to all dance classes.  Arriving late is disruptive to the class and doesn’t allow dancers to properly warm-up.  Dancer missed classes cannot be made up and are non-refundable.  Please do your best to attend every class.  Consistency is important at any level.


Please remind your child to use the bathroom before class begins.  Dancers under 6 years old will be excused to their guardian to go to the bathroom.  It is the guardian’s responsibility to take their child to the bathroom. Dancers 7+ will be excused to the bathroom on their own.


In order to ensure the safety of all dancers, teachers will be following strict dismissal guidelines.  Dancers under 9 years old will be dismissed at the dance studio door only when their parent or guardian is present in the lobby.  They will not be allowed to walk to the parking lot on their own. Please let your teacher know if someone other than yourself is picking up your child.  Dancers 9+ will be dismissed as a class and allowed to leave the building on their own. Teachers will not leave the building until all dancers have been picked up.  Please be on time to pick up your child. 

Illness / Injuries

If your child is sick, we ask that you keep them home from dance as to not spread germs to other dancers. If your child is injured we encourage them to observe class if possible.

Make-Up Classes

In the event of a class cancellation you will be notified by phone as early as possible.  Every effort will be made to make-up classes cancelled due to inclement weather or if an instructor needs to cancel a class. 

Dress Code

Hair must be secure off the face.  No jewelry, jeans, street shoes or clothing with inappropriate language or pictures are allowed in any class.  Boys, please wear fitted clothing for your classes and appropriate dance shoes.

Ballet - Leotard with tights, ballet skirt optional. Girls: Pink leather or canvas ballet shoes  Boys: Black leather or canvas ballet shoes

Hip-Hop/Jazz/Tap – Leotard and tights or form fitting comfortable clothing.  Black Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap shoes.

Discover Dance Classes - Any dance outfit that is comfortable for movement without causing distraction or harm to the child.  Ballet shoes or bare feet. NO SOCKS! Guardians please wear comfortable clothing as well. No street shoes please.

* Shoes can be purchased at any area dance supply store, Discount Dance Supply (online), Target and IAC Dance Shoe Resale.  All gently used shoes are $5. You can also purchase all your supplies from IAC. Ask your teacher for an order form.

Family Watch Weeks

Families will be expected to stay in the lobby during class, except for Discover Dance with Me classes.  Families will be invited into class during the last 15-20 minutes Family Watch Week. Feel free to bring your camera to scheduled Family Watch Weeks. 

Class / Costume Payments

In order to participate in the Holiday Showcase and Spring Dance recital, all class and costumes payments must be received on time.  Payment Plans are available.

Dress Rehearsals & Performances

All dancers in the Park Studio Track are expected to attend all Dress Rehearsals and Performances.  You will receive a Performance Packet with more information when the events are closer.

Email Correspondence

Important program information is communicated via email. If you are not receiving emails from IAC including the monthly newsletter please contact Lora at You can also find information about IAC programs on Instagram and Facebook @innovationartsconnection.

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